Press Release, September 28th, 2020

Today, UBISOFT has published a ruling against Rogue and its players Maurice “AceeZ” Erkelenz and Lukas “korey” Zwingmann. The players commented on the outcome of a match in private conversations which could have been perceived as sharing insider information for the purpose of betting. We at Rogue take competitive integrity of any esports ecosystem we are part of very seriously and we expect our players to adhere to the best standards of competitive integrity. After internal investigation, we have immediately taken action and issued contractual penalties.

We are fully committed to best practices to fight threats to the competitive integrity of the game and we are currently reviewing our internal processes to improve our player education. We aim to be an excellent partner to UBISOFT in building the R6 ecosystem even further and believe that better player education will help strengthen competitive integrity. We appreciate the fair process Ubisoft has applied to the matter, allowing multiple weeks for our own internal investigation as well as the possibility to provide additional evidence, resulting in a fair procedure and proportionate penalty.

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